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Placement of Jewelry

Jewelry is something that many women wear on a daily basis. Before we walk out the door in the wee hours of the morning, we all have that early morning ritual, which includes dressing your ears, neck and wrist up with your favorite and most importantly, affordable jewelry. There is nothing better than wrapping the best statement necklace around your neck before you take on a busy day full of work and meetings. If you read our last post, then you already know that today’s blog is dedicated to the history of jewelry, and the reasoning for where we wear it on our body’s.

  • Many women know already that a good necklace will draw people into your chest area. However, did you know that necklaces were first introduced to society to do just that?  Necklaces were created to draw attention towards your breasts.
  • We all love dazzling earrings! Were you aware of why people decided to dress up their ears with jewels in the first place? Earrings were placed strategically to increase eye contact with others.
  • The notorious belly button ring was first created by those who were looking for a mate. Piercing your belly button was a strong sign of wanting to grow a baby and reproduce.
We hope that this blog has brought some insight to you on why earrings, necklaces and belly rings were first introduced to society! Start shopping online today for your very own affordable jewelry to make a statement of your own.